Barbie as the island princess part 8

Barbie as the island princess part 8

For what its worth I quite Netflix over this last Summer and regretfully joined BlockBuster whose website, selection and shipping times are not as good as Netflix and have not had a single cracked BluRay since. The BlockBuster shipping envelope, which forces the disc to remain in the center of the envelope and in particular, away from edges that postal sorting equipment barbie as the island princess part 8 the envelopes at is simply a superior design. That Netflix is too cheap to redesign their envelope speaks volumes about their commitment to delivering a quality service. Some brilliant MBA there undoubtedly ran a calculation that shows its cheaper for them to simply raise the BluRay tax to pay for the cracked discs and ignore the real problem. Of course that calculation might fall apart when more customers than they thought might leave over it, actually do, so if you have this problem, just leave and go to BlockBuster. Youll at least get discs that work if not the discs you really wanted, as fast as you wanted them. Of course, it might all be pointless, since it is possible that the percentage of Netflix customers who care about BluRay is too small for it ever to matter enough to their bottom line for them to invest in fixing the problem. Oh, and if by some miracle they do fix it, Ill rejoin in a heartbeat since I cant use my RoKu box for Netflix anymore, sigh, but at least theres all the new MediaFly stuff, Twit, Rev3, etc. so its not a total loss. I too am one of the Netflix fans being forced to leave and go to Blockbuster. Since about September almost 100% of all Blu-ray disks come with a small crack on the outer edge, identicle to the one above. I have called netflix but all they do is say sorry we will send you a few free disks. Well crap its an unlimited account so what the frack does that help to send me more cracked disks? I dont want, or have a desire to receive damaged movie rentals. Fix the problem Netflix as this customer really likes your service and website design. But I wont pay a monthly fee for nothing but damaged disks. I would like to say thanks for ruining my movie night with my friends I had planned for later today, but BOTH movies Cloverfield and A Perfect Getaway are damaged. Same issue since December 2009 so far more than 20 discs cracked and Im growing tired. Called Customer Service and same drill, a free movie here, discount there, etc. Netflix must have a big reserve to be waisting these many discs, so Ill continue to order replacements and see if they get the picture and Ill keep calling them to refund me for the extra charges without being able to watch Blu-Ray. The only hope they said is that a Netflix employee will actually follow the mailing route of the post office what little man inside the envelope? to see where the problem is. Come on Netiflix!!!! Change barbie as the island princess part 8 design of the envelope so these discs stop from getting damaged! Well see how many more damaged blu-rays discs they can absored as losses and hopefully they will get the picture. Same story, Got two Taken discs in row that were broken. Netflix must know by now that this is serious issue. Advice to everybody, as soon as you get disc, check it in. Same problem, just started Netflix for BD service. So far 2 out of 3 discs have been cracked. Right at the end of the movies. Its costing me more to have to go to blockbuster to rent the movies to see the ending than I pay for Netflix! Wow. Great to know this isnt just happening to me. Just got a BluRay and 5/6 Netflix disks freeze during the film. I suppose now its not my player. I guess Ill have to go back to the video store. And I LOVE Netflix for DVDs. Same exact problem. Just called Netflix and they gave 50% my next bill, but they claimed it was news to them. Obviously, considering the almost 2 year list of complaints above that are identical to my 4/6 garbled and crashed, almost always towards the end, they are BSing. Something barbie as the island princess part 8 to get done soon because they shouldnt be offering this service if they know they are sending out damaged merchandise the vast majority of the time. This has class action written all over it. I am canceling Netflix today and switching back to Blockbuster because of this issue. I cannot believe how much Netflix tries to sweep this under the rug. I have had to send back 10 Blu-Rays every single one I have ordered in a row with this issue and I havent been offered any kind of compensation. If they didnt have instant streaming movies I dont know why anyone would choose Netflix. Their interface for finding movies sucks, they are slower shipping than Blockbuster in my area West Michigan, and it costs more if you want to have Blu-Ray access 99 for Netflix for unlimited 1 at a time and Blu Ray versus 99 for the same plan at Blockbuster.

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