Clubbed to death kurayamino mix by rob d

Clubbed to death kurayamino mix by rob d

AP Goshen Colleges decision to not play the national anthem before sporting events has drawn plenty of criticism despite being in line with the schools Mennonite beliefs. Goshen public relations director Richard Aguirre says the school has received hundreds of calls and emails about its decision to stop playing the national anthem. Aguirre told The Elkhart Truth that the school is trying to explain its decision to critics who think the decision is unpatriotic. Several other Mennonite schools do not play the anthem. Professor Don Kraybill at Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania says Mennonites believe that their primary allegiance is to Gods kingdom, which supersedes earthly kingdoms. Goshen College Professor of Mennonite history Steve Nolt says Mennonites are grateful for the privileges that exist in the United States and are not anti-American. Information from: The Elkhart Truth, confusion1 at 1:42 PM June 15, 2011 This country was founded by people attempting to escape the repression of nationalized religion, and yet here we are attempting to force others to accept our beliefs or leave? Really? It is not freedom of religion, so much as freedom from religion. It is the national anthem, but where in the constitution does it say that it has to be played at all events? If their beliefs offend you, be happy that you live in modern day America and not in the rein of Henry the VIIs daughter, Bloody Mary who burned Protestants for their beliefs a religion endorsed by her father so that he could obtain a divorce. Go it. GregorySB at 11:57 AM June 13, 2011 its none of our business what they do at their school. people need to keep their noses in their own business and not worry about what everyone else is doing or saying or bullsfan32 at 11:46 AM June 13, 2011 if they hate our national anthem so much then let them get the heck out of our country! go live in mexico or afghanistan! these unamerican jerks really tick me off! get the heck out of our country! Should American students go to school year round? Above: Governor Jerry Brown has vetoed the California budget passed on June 15, 20 What budget options does Governor Jerry Brown have left now that he has walked away from negotiations with state Republicans? We speak to political consultant Leo McElroy about the latest news coming out of Sacramento, and discuss how teachers and other state workers will be impacted if the legislature passes an all cuts budget. Leo McElroy, non-partisan Sacramento political consultant and contributor to Morning Edition on KPBS This is a rush transcript created by a contractor for KPBS to improve accessibility for the hearing impaired. Please refer to the media file as the formal record of this interview. Opinions expressed by guests during interviews reflect the guests individual views and do not necessarily represent those of KPBS staff, members or its sponsors. CAVANAUGH: Im Maureen Cavanaugh and youre listening to These Days on KPBS. Plan A is dead. Now governor brown has to move on to plan B. Plan A was to hold a special election in June asking California voters to extend a handful of temporary taxes and fees. That extension was supposed to ease deep cuts threatened for Californias schools and social programs. But negotiations between Republicans and Jerry Brown have broken down. And now theres no time to get a ballot measure ready for a June election. So the deep cuts threatened to balance Californias 15 billion budget deficit are more likely, although not inevitable. It all depends on what the Governors Plan B actually is. Joining us to discuss the continuing turmoil in Sacramento is my guest, Leo McElroy, nonpartisan political consultant, and contributor to KPBS morning edition. Leo, Good morning. MCELROY: Good morning, Maureen. How are you? CAVANAUGH: Im fine. Thank you so much for joining us today. CAVANAUGH: So why, if you could recap for us, why did the Governor break off his budget talks with state Republicans? MCELROY: Well, he was trying to pick off some Republicans who might be willing to throw a vote in in exchange for some concessions. And he was working with a group of five Republican senators who at one point or another were willing to engage with him in conversation. Apparently either the conversations were going less well than anybody thought or party discipline has intruded and the GOP five as they were called, have backed out of the fray and turned things over to party leadership. Party leaderships response has been to come in with a huge laundry list of demands that they want before they will deliver 1 or 2 votes to make the special election happen. And the laundry list was extensive enough that the governor felt that there was no way that he could get these concessions through the legislature. And so he threw up his hands and walked away from the table, and now nobodys talking to anybody. CAVANAUGH: So Leo, what options does the governor have for reaching a budget agreement, lets say in the near future now that these talks have fallen apart? MCELROY: Very few, and none of them pleasant. MCELROY: Legislative Democrats are now starting to face the fact that they may have to pass pay budget on their own without a Republican vote, which they now can do. Thats been amended. But they cant raise money to balance that been, so they may have to face a really ugly all cuts budget. And nobodys happy about that. Of the people who are going to suffer the cuts, the people who are going to be shown what bad shape the state is in, and the politicians who are gonna take the blame for the cuts. Nobody likes this. The Republicans dont like the extent of the cuts, the Democrats dont like it, the governor doesnt like it, are the people dont like it. We are united in unhappiness. CAVANAUGH: But nothing else.

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