Coffee and Cigarettes Tupac was right above Eminem

Coffee and Cigarettes

Tupac was right above Eminem. Lil Wayne makes no sense. Look it up. The begining of your point was wtf you stupid or what with your wanna be s fake ass attitude or call w/e you want to call it yo imma come to ur house and shoot you with my 9, 0mm what the fuck how old are you lil wayne and eminem is both really good but ive beeen listing to eminem way before i started lilsting to lil wayne! i love lil waynes voice but i used to be in love with eminem i my daughter thought he was so cute! and she listened to him all of hee rlife! so we cant just leave eminem hanging by himself so eveyone stick up for him! record sells for what, off of g-unit clothes and vitamin water alone he s tripling young money funds. he s taking shot at wayne cuz wayne s ass slipped up and took Coffee and Cigarettes first shot. he must be sippin to much surp. click the video again looks like he was four cups deep when he came out the side of his mouth bout em. besides 50 hears all and has nothin to do but crack down on lil catz. his money is way too long to be concerned about a record sell. his focus is dominace he s trying to dominate the airways headlines and words in peoples mouths. this shit is so thrid grade can t believe you can t see that u wanna jump off a building and end your life??? do it cuz your existence is embarrassing. We be laughin at u Fuck you maann!!! emm is the one!! donnt even try to compare Coffee and Cigarettes fucking wayne bitch with em. clear?????? fuck yo bitch! eminem is the greatest rapper alive bitch. you better not let me find you. you would never walk the same again and im not talking about breaking your legs. lil wayne sucks!!!!!!! i agree rappers should stay in their places and for lil wayne to speak on EMINEM, he should be imbarresed. Apologize fuk Coffee and Cigarettes wayne, he should apologize for doing such shit, he ain t better than em and he fukin knows that. he is gonna suck bird mans dick for the rest oe his life. can i just say that your 100% fucking rightt. lil wayne is all rap and nothing moreee. eminem s lyrics are meaningful and shitt. lil wayne s is a fucked up druggiee. has eminem ever gone to jail? don t think so. i totally are just jealous as a wee boy, HE, S IN FRONT OF YOU AND ALWAYS WILL BE!!!!! WHO S LITTLE WAYNE ANYWAY? Whoever disses Lil Wayne is a stupidass! If u say Dat lil awyne cant rap then u dont know music!Lil Wayne has shitloads of mixtapes out. Wayne aint a pussy, he culd kill em whenever he feels like it. Im not sayin that slim cant, im just sayin dat hes not better than wayne. Go hear Didication, No Cielengs, and Gangsta Grillz! Eminem just thinks hes da shit cuz hes workin wit Dre. Emimem is a pussy for coming out being such a phony ass homophobe. Not to mention he made his name by dissing other ppl who could care less about him. They already had their succsess, he had to dick ride to get his.

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