Freedomland movie

Freedomland movie trailer

White Male, Jew of Liberal Fascism and when they came for the guys who do that mime routine you know, the one where you re stuck inside that invisible box? nobody would speak up for me. I vote for 3Bulls incoherence. Charlie Tuna is way too much work for the desired effect. There is no way I am maxing out at more that half-assed incoherence. I vote for pants du trolles. That s the final straw, someone mentioned mimes. Those silent mother fuckers. Seriously, that Penn and Teller guy in the kitchen at the 5:00 mark is positively scary: OT: I know you re Airwolf to the grave, but a moment of silence for Blue Thunder s pilot. Roy Scheider dead at Authorities are questioning Airwolf, but no foul play is suspected. You re gonna need a bigger boat. Oh, yeah? Well, when they came for Shakes the Clown, I said nothing. That son of a bitch called mimes silent motherfuckers. Right chiggins. Although Blue Thunder and Roy were not the leaders of the Transcopterism movement, they certainly an important part of the community. Roy will be missed. You know, it didn t work out so well last time we tried to use helicopters to control a population. Why don t we just buy the rights to Airwolf and Blue Thunder from the uninterested conglomeration that currently owns their rights, and make you know the greatest copter program in the English language ever known to man. Hmmm? Why? We just need to keep the potential radness on the down low, as if that were possible. I ll just start work on storyboards, scripts, and theme musics, and let you guys hash out the details and I m not talking about blond Lebonese hash. Smile you sonuvabitch, now you re in heaven, kicking Airwolf s ass sniff sob forever. Motorcycles get no respect. this blog is so hyper Airwolf partisan, Streethawk gets modded. Unity 08 remains but a dream. I for one have no desire to be on the receiving end of Kathryn Lopezs Irish-Spanish rage. El shamrock de la muerte as they call her in the intern pens can turn from Irish green to El Sid red faster than Hillary Clintons mood ring during a Ken Starr deposition. So, I thought I might resort to you guessed it mime! This me walking against the wind. This is me trying to eat the jalapenos from the Sizzler salad bar but I keep getting my face jammed against the sneeze guard. How anyone can say the blogosphere is so great when you cant even mime on it is a mystery to me. White Male, Jew of Liberal Fascism and when they came for the guy that refused to give us a new thread, and instead forced us loyal commenters to endure Charlie the Tuna s mime routine naturally, we all said, Right over here, Mr. Cheney, sir! YES YOU HEARD ME CHOADS. I HAVE HONORED JONAH GOLDBERG WITH A SPOKEN WORD PREFOMRMANCE/PODCATS OF HIS DEEPLY MOVING AND WISE WORDS REGARDING HIS CRITICS. I ALSO CONTINUE TO SMACK DOWN STUPID SLAPPERS WITH THE CONSTANT CHIRP OF CRICKETS THAT I HEAR IN MY EAR REGARDING THEIR NON-RESPONSE TO MY BATTLE RAPPING THEIR ASSES BACK TO THE STONED AGE. all these lame as rappers ain;t got shit on me. spit 12 little lines got boys following the trail behind and on the side of me. you say you got. well you don t. show you the way to the exit where you get flat out on your ass.

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