Haeundae Sounds are improved


Sounds are improved over the DVD release with 1 HD DTS audio I can hear the waves much better, but with subtle lapping that is constant and not overwhelming though it could make you seasick. Packaging both movies on one disc is kind of cool because you don t have to get up to switch Blu-ray discs, though for hardcore Blu-ray fanatics who want perfection this will annoy most of that small, but vocal, crowd. Ultimately, Open Water is a good movie, not great by any means and some will be put off if they lack imagination to bring to the table. Make no mistake this movie won t appeal to everyone, but if you typically like this kind of film I don t see any reason why you shouldn t like this. I loved the movie If you have yet to see the film I highly recommend a rental first, but for those who saw and liked this film and even own the DVD release this is a pretty good upgrade with extras and also includes Open Water 2: Adrift. Must-buy for those who liked and loved the film! Alternative title that fits my puns: A big dango family finally returns home in BD! Immediately following the final episode of Clannad in the spring of 2008, a television commercial aired announcing that the sequel, Clannad After Story, was in production. It would air in the fall of that year and spawn many haeundae both domestically in Japan as well as internationally. It has been hailed as one of the best anime series of all time by fans and is often cited as haeundae dramatic shows can be. Due to the success of the format, the original series was released on Blu-Ray by Pony Canyon in April 20 Now the sequel has finally been released to complete the KeyAni trilogy on Blu-Ray. This is the very expensive Clannad After Story Blu-Ray box. Warning! This review WILL contain spoilers for the show as well as a bunch of thumbnailed/small images. As with the first box, the set comes in a newly illustrated binder inside a patterned hardcovered box. While the theme for the original series was sakura petals, After Story is focused on rapeseed flowers similar to the backgrounds in the regular edition DVD covers. The inner binder has the Okazaki/Furakawa family and friends preparing for a trip to somewhere with water, likely the Okazaki family home in the northern part of Japan. Each disc contains images of two major characters for the episodes on that disc Sanae and Mei, Misae and Yukine, Tomoya and Nagisa, Ushio and Fuko, and the Fujibayashi sisters on the yellow rapeseed background. Included with the box is a special page booklet that has the translated opening and ending haeundae for each episode from Sentai Filmworks. One mistake was made to transpose episodes 24 and 25 as they were on Sentai s releases of the series in North America. I imagine that Pony Canyon did not reference the episodes with the text. It s still a nice gesture to importers of the show. Each disc has 5 episodes on it with the fifth disc containing all of the bonus image features. Here are the episodes ordered by disc with some images to go along: Each disc has a popup menu that fades in with star effects similar to the title image with selections Choose a chapter, Play all, Pick an audio track, Choose subtitles, and on the fifth disc Bonus features.

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