Help beatles This unit is very

Help beatles

This unit is very compact, easy to use, and has very high quality video. We are quite pleased with the unit and the price. I had purchased another brand blu ray only to have problems that ultimately put me in the market for a new one. After reading many reviews I decided upon this unit. I loved the surround sound and the picture has been nothing but stellar. The only thing I mis is a remote activated open/close door mode; this one is manual operated. Other than that, I love this blu ray player. I hope it will give years of great service. This Blu-ray disc player is a good value. The Blu-ray video quality it very good but the upscaling is not as great. Streaming both Netflix and other sources makes this player a very good value. We used to own and Olevia blu-ray player and this is fantastic in comparison! Has an awesome and very detailed menu set-up and help beatles much faster than our old blu-ray player which gave us enough time to make dinner before it would fully load. This one on the other hand is fairly quick and the picture is great! Highly recommended especially at this price! I hesitated to buy this unit because of the reviews criticizing the Netflix streaming. This must have been a problem with earlier firmware. I bought the unit in June 2010 and immediately updated the firmware to the current version. I connected the player to our Comcast internet service through a wired port on our Wi-Fi router. Netflix worked perfectly even with HD movies. On two movies, there was a delay one time during the help beatles for the buffering to catch up. This was unusual. The quality of the streaming video was excellent. None of the jerky motion reported by earlier purchasers. Picture quality is excellent. Ordinary DVDs look great in HD. Blu-Ray disks start much faster than they do on a first generation player I bought a couple of years ago. All in all, I recommend this unit. Update the firmware and you will have no problems with Netflix. I have been using the item with a Samsung 50 Plasma and help beatles via wired Ethernet to a cable Internet service which runs at around 7 Mbps. I have been very happy with the DVD and Blu-ray video quality at 1080P via HDMI and audio via optical link.

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