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Hunger games official trailer

I will give Netflix credit for being more then helpful as far as making it right. Ive gotten probably a half a dozen or more bonus rentals and 2 free months because of all my trouble. But given that even the bonus discs are broken its not much use at this point. I really advise folks to call Netflix when they have several broken blurays, its VERY quick hold times are nearly zero and 9 times out of 10 the nice folks on the phone will throw you a bonus disc or if youve been having lots of trouble a free month which does take the sting out of things a bit. Bluray with Netflix is an absolute disaster though right now. Ive had the same problem. Ive only gotten three BR movies so far but each of them has been cracked, and then the replacement wasnt. Funny thing is that the BR disks are supposed to stronger but Ive never had a regular DVD come cracked. The problem just may be regional I get most of my discs from the Tacoma distribution center which is only about 45 miles from my house. 7 out of 10 discs on average are cracked I just got a disc delivered all the way from the Dallas Distribution center hunger games official trailer it made it that far just fine. This leads me to believe it is something at the hunger games official trailer center here in Washington. One half of the disc going into the inner circumference was completely cracked, made it look kinda like a doorknob hanger, which was precisely as useful as it I hope a replacement gets here by Saturday. Now that Ive read this I think Ill make a phone call Hopefully theyll realize just how big the problem is if they get enough phone Just a note to all of you having problems with movies through the mail. I am a mail processor who runs all of your mail. Netflix and Blockbuster used to be hand sorted due to the fragility of discs. Now we are required to run them in our machines. The machines run 40, 000 pieces of mail an hour and are not designed to run this type of mail but management doesnt care. Many covers torn off, discs cracked and smashed, and packaging destroyed. When we complain they just say do what you are told. Please keep complaining! I also have been receiving the majority of Bluray discs cracked at the edge. I have stopped the Bluray option for fear that Netflix would axe my account due to large number of damaged discs. Glad to hear that I am not the only one wish Netflix could own up to issue and solve it so I can watch Bluray again. I think it is time for all of us who are experiencing this problem to put collective pressure on Netflix to address this problem, which is not regional. I live in Massachusetts and I see postings from other parts of the country.

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