Hunger games trailer jennifer lawrence

Hunger games trailer jennifer lawrence

However, no one is going to buy for a format that doesnt have their favorite movie yet, so the real advantages of a unified format have yet to be seen. And duh, the prices are too high and were too high for both formats. Which is why almost no one bought either format so far. But at least those who buy in now will know the format will be the standard format. And with standardization perhaps the prices will start to come down. Who knows. And with standardization perhaps the prices will start to come down. Who knows. Hasnt come down so far. Im quite content to wait it out until it does. I think Ill wait till it gets under 1 With all the fanboys raging at how wonderful BluRay is for not only movies but PC storage I thought for sure that sales would explode for everything BluRay after hunger games trailer jennifer lawrence demise of HD-DVD. Or maybe the HD-DVD folks were on to something when they said that 30GB is enough for HD movies but 50GB isnt enough to be useful as file storage. Now were in the BluRay world and paying a premium for a media disk that isnt, or ever will be, fully utilized. Or maybe Toshiba is posting incredible losses because they nearly went under subsidizing hd-dvd, hunger games trailer jennifer lawrence was yes, quite expensive too, just selling at a huge loss. The technology is new and expensive in both cases. HD-DVD lost out because Toshiba burned themselves out and couldnt support it any longer by paying people to adopt it. In the process they drove any other CE manufacturers out of supporting it as well. Fact is people are broke, dubyah has the United States in a financial disaster and people are struggling just to pay the outrageous energy bills or keep their car moving with obscene gas prices. Or could it be that Toshiba didnt have the cash to pay off movie studios because they were passing it on to the consumer by taking such a big loss on the price of the players. Right, thats why they payed off Paramount. The consumer had squat to do with their prices, they wanted to win at all costs. People keep blaming everything on gas prices but weve hunger games trailer jennifer lawrence got cheaper gas than most other countries. Maybe if people quit buying SUVs and crap Id hear them out but uh-uh. I pay about 30/month for gas on my nice 30mpg car. You must drive one block to work. I zip an hour down the highway and back and it costs me I doubt Bluray will become as popular as DVD has. might get alot bigger, but still never reach the proportions that DVD did. I think its chance as a data recorder will give it chances to survive. but downloads will likely surpass buying media music cds, movies in the future. which mean move sale son bluray will never be close to DVD sales levels. Down-loadable movies and streaming video. New memory technologies may soon make Blu-Ray worthless. The whole HDMI/HDCP? Whats that? mess. The cheapest player on the Egg is about 4

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