Insanitarium But we were


But we were surprised to find out that Sari Ater also has many recreational and sports activities catered to the people of all ages. And heres some of it: Weekly Cultural Performance: Every Sunday at Recreation Area Ram Fighting, Gotong Sisingaan Lion Pop Dance. Group Shot with, , Brenda from ICON International and Yenny from Garuda Indonesia. These Sari Ater Mascots wander around the theme Insanitarium so you can snap photos together. Sari Ater Horse back riding, perfect for both kids Insanitarium adults Sari Ater will be a great stop over station for families with kids or youth travellers before heading to Mount Tankuban Perahu enroute to Bandung. However, we had a tight schedule to keep, we have to give Sari Ater Hotel a miss after a quick tour of the facilities and proceed to our next stop, Tangkuban Perahus volcano crater. Mount Tangkuban Perahu is an active volcano, about 30km away from the city of Bandung. Tangkuban Perahu comprises three craters, Kawah Ratu Queen Crater, Kawah Domas Domas Crater, and Kawah Upas Upas Crater. We only have time to visit the Queen Crater, which is the main crater of Tangkuban Perahu. It was a bumpy journey to the volcano, but we got to see the farming and rural side of Indonesia, with beautiful padi fields and houses built on the steep slopes of the mountains. I have to apologize that there were no good pictures as the ride was really bumpy and I was trying not to feel nauseous. As we were reaching the volcano, the weather was getting cool and breezy compared to the heat in Jakarta. That is because Tangkuban Perahu is situated 1830 metres above sea level. At 12pm we reached the Queen Crater, we were surprised by the thick clouds you see everywhere. I felt like I was in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. As a contrast to the warm hot springs at Sari Ater, many people were spotted in winter coats. If you were not equipped for the cold weather, you could Insanitarium winter hats, shawls and scarves from the street stalls. There s Yenny, Me and Brenda. Taken with the SONY Alpha NEX 5 Panoramic Sweep. We were fortunate. When we got off the bus, the weather was just nice. It felt like a 16 degree aircon room, so I guess without any strong winds, the weather was still manageable in jeans and tee shirt. The sight of the Queen Crater is breath taking, but DO NOT take a big breath as he smell of sulphur is very strong, so you can fart all you want and no one going to noticed it. For a Saturday afternoon, the place is packed with tourists, students and families, so you have to stay close together with your group so you do not get lost in the crowd.

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