Lawrence of arabia documentary

Lawrence of arabia documentary

You might want to try re-reading the article before you go on your usual gP is biased!!11! whinging-fest. The 1/4 figure comes from the Aslan s Country article, which gP linked to. And exactly what does the fact that VDT released on a different day than PC have to do with the amount of DVDs it sold in its initial week? It s called arithmetic, Booky. For PC, the initial week was 5 days long. Whereas for VDT the initial week was only 2 days. That s 3 fewer days in stores. My mistake. I thought the words initial week actually meant, you know, the whole week. OH sorry for that link in my tribute this is the real link for my Narnia tribute pls watch it here in my facebook?v211783572184678 oid190647217857 you can also see it in NARNIA VDT facebook account videos-The Chronicles of Narnia epic Tribute HQ TNX pls watch it I hope you ll like it! Okay for Easter I got VDT but it was only the one disc version. Is the untold story of the dawn treader online anywhere? disney was clearly better at marketing the films, and whatever imput they had in the content of the film was better than fox too. So I m not really surprised. And Deathly Hallows clearly deserved to have big sales. Sorry, but it s a better film and a far better adaptation than VDT. Well, if the film was a better film, it would have sold more DVD s. lol It s such a forgettable film, who would want to buy it and watch it again? VDT felt more like a cheap direct to DVD sequel, maybe that s what they should have made it, instead of trying to sell it in theaters with the silly 3D gimmicks. Usually direct to DVD movies are for the fans of a previous movie. Instead of trying to make it marketable to everyone, just make it for the fans? Then again, production value and budgets are probably drastically lower for direct to DVD films. :/ My youth group is having a big event thing to try to get alot more people to join and we re going to have pizza and play games, etc, etc, but we re going to be watching all the Narnia movies. I m totally hyped! I have a very good friend who loves loves loves HP. I, personally, have not seen it, mostly because I always have a hard time watching strictly fantasy films like HP. Narnia is as far as I ll go magically. I am quite disappointed that HP seems to be doing better than my beloved VDT is. Especially that VDT points directly to God and HP points to witchcraft and therefore Satan. But I ll go on in life as I did before. Tomorrow I am watching VDT again with my Sissy, and we are going to have fun! I don t understand why some people say that HP points to evil, when in the film and books the main characters are trying to defeat evil I enjoy both HP and Narnia but the VDT seemed to be lacking, it was still enjoyable, but forgettable. Hope they do better next time round. I wasn t even excited for the DVD/blu-ray release of this, I got the first two films on the day they came out. The first two were better films. I love both Narnia and HP. Now I need anyone s opinion for my story. Which is better, vampire or werewolf? Let me shorten it up Well in my 1st story Raven sacrifices herself to save all her Adamchildhood friendis in love with him and the rest of her friends. In the 2nd story 3 years later she was brought back to life by Jaredher new lovershe s been alive for the past 3 years but she refuses to join the group for she tells them she in is no longer the same Raven they once knewshe s a freenemy-friendenemyso Adam must lawrence of arabia documentary choose b/w RavenGracehis girlfriend who has been dating for 2 yearsalso finds out she is a werewolfwho should he choose? Sounds like an interesting storyline, lawrence of arabia documentary why do either? They are both as by the book and generic as ever. Why not do a human parallel race with carry a unique and individual power or something like that, and as for who to go back with, I say that as you write more in the series, Adam should be thrown around between Raven and Grace, creating intrigue. Then you can build from there Thanks for the idea! But the thing is I love both these girls. Like say I chose Raven, then Grace might end up dying in this story and be brought back to life in my 4th last storyfor now. If he chose Grace, then Raven would stay with Jared and we may never see her the thing is Adam and Raven are childhood friends but in my 1st story he fell in love with Elenawho the story is mostly about along with her three siblings and when Raven died he was devastated and realized he was in love with her too. He s dated Grace for 2 years and loves her and when reunited with Raven he is torn. He still has feelings for Elenais now her best friendprotector, that will never change. It s b/w RavenGrace.

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