Lonely hearts club band beatles

Lonely hearts club band beatles

Be sure to drink water and hydrate before and after the battle. A good technique for freestyle rapping is to have key words that you can return to. These words will help you out if your drawing blanks. Know what words rhyme with your key words, allowing you to use them more often because you know what flows with them. When in a rap battle, you want to make sure that your verse includes three major things. Similes Making comparisons with your opponent to something that insults them. Disses a diss is an insultYou want to diss your opponent on broad topics like: how they dress, speak, spit, look, walk, talk, act, or their personality; or personally: the way they live, their past, their lifestyle, or any other weaknesses about them. Humor Make the crowd and judges and even your opponent laugh. Sometimes that will win the battle for you. Battle raps are made up of two parts; a set up and a punch line. The set up is a line that is an opener or rhyme line that your punch-line where the insult is will follow. A Punch-Line is basically a line that incorporates a Metaphor, Diss, and/or anything else to enhance the flow directed at your opponent. Example: In Nas song called Ether a famous rap battle song directed towards Jay-Z he says Put it together the set up, I rock hoes yall Roc-Fellas the punch line is an insult using the name of Jay-Zs rap label and insinuating that Jay-Z and his camp prefer men over women. If someone beats you in a battle and it gets to you, practice more until you think youre really ready. Then challenge them again: if you win, you will earn a lot of respect back. Its a great feeling, and chicks or dudes will dig your system and flair. The more you write the better your freestyle will become. When you think you lost it, dont worry just relax. The worst thing to do is freak out. Just relax and keep going. There is always value in overcoming a mess up. While your opponent is rapping, you should be figuring out what you are going to say in your next verse. But be careful not to tune your opponent out, because sometimes the insults they say to you can be flipped re-directed as an insult towards the person who said it and used to your advantage. Ordering of the spit is also important to some degree. While you are trying to rebut someone dissing you when you reply back, but when you spit first, you want to take that away.

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