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Get the latest Flash player. Poppers Penguins Mr. Poppers Penguins Review in a Hurry: Cross-breeding pet antics from Ace Ventura with an absent-dad storyline from Liar Liar, this Jim Carrey and flippered-friends flick waddles unevenly through family comedy territory. Despite humor that relies too heavily on bird farting and pooping, the sometimes-sweet Penguins doesnt stink. Review in a Hurry: Not so super. Ryan Reynolds bulks up and suits up to play the popular DC Comics character, a top gun turned superhero. For all the talk of conquering fear and harnessing energy, Lantern ironically plays it safe and gets grounded by a leaden, spiritless adaptation. Review in a Hurry: Remember how the writers of Lost kept saying something to the effect of Its not about the mystery, its about the characters? Keep that in mind if you go to Super 8 expecting a monster movie. Writer-director Abrams muddled tribute to 80s Spielberg does indeed feature well-rounded human beings, but mostly forgets to put them in an interesting story. Review in a Hurry: A majorly ber uncool bummer summer movie for kids, this not-awesome outing follows the adventures of the precocious, titular tomboy from the popular book series. Something got sooo totally lost in the translation from page to screen like humor and charm. Review in a Hurry: The prequel none of us thought we wanted turns out to be more of a fun time than anybody expected. A return to form missing you the X-flicks, this semi-prequel/reboot remembers above all else to be fun, without any gross bastardizations to the source like the portrayal of Deadpool in the Wolverine movie. Review in a Hurry: Same story, different city. The Wolfpack is back for more morning-after madness, though this time a destination wedding leads to one whack night in Bangkok. Despite a few ha-has from the ensuing brouhaha, this buzz-kill follow-up suffers from a pervasive sense of been there, drunk that. The Hangover Part II? What Happened in Vegas Shouldve Stayed in Vegas KEEP READING Review in a Hurry: In a series of beautiful but leisurely paced scenes, a middle-aged man Sean Penn remembers a childhood tragedy, contemplates what Gods role in it was and imagines how he may fit into the grand scheme of eternity. At least, we think thats whats going on. Theres room for interpretation, but if you can let yourself go with the flow its pretty awe-inspiring at times, and sure to be Oscar-nominated. Review in a Hurry: It shouldnt be a surprise after the first one, but Dreamworks latest cartoon sequel remains a genuinely good martial missing you movie, with some of the years best fight sequences, and inarguably the best use of 3-D in a long time. Shame the script is so redundant if we had a million bucks for every time the theme of inner peace is mentioned aloud, we could fund part 3 single-handedly. Review in a Hurry: Neither as bad as early naysayers have bemoaned, nor remotely as interesting as its predecessors, this new Pirates is simply an adequate sequel. Notable only as the least terrible movie Rob Marshall Nine, Chicago has ever directed, this four-quel sees Captain Jack Sparrow Johnny Depp jumping through familiar action hoops as he travels a well-worn path. If you dont ask for more than that, youll be fine.

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