Mrs doubtfire hello I love Blu

Mrs doubtfire hello

I love Blu Water Day Spa!! I go to the spa with frequency for all of my beauty needs nails, pedicure, and skin care. When you enter the spa, you are transformed into a relaxed person. From the decor to the friendly staff, the environment is welcoming and tranquil all the necessary requirements for a wonderful spa experience. First impression is everything. Upon arrival, the front desk staff is efficient and courteous, making sure every detail is in place before your spa service. Julie is a perfectionist. Im allergic to wax, so when I get my eyebrows tweezed, she creates a mrs doubtfire hello shape mrs doubtfire hello tweezes until there isnt any hair left, not even a stubble. Philip, her husband, follows suit with manicuring my nails which affords me countless compliments from the general public for the past 15 years. And, Tam who does my pedicures, always takes her time and gives a great lower leg massage that relaxes my muscles. Every time I leave Blu Water, I am not only satisfied with the end results, but I cant wait for my next visit. Like Shanae, I am really surprised by the star rating Blu Water Day Spa has been given. Before turning into Blu Water Day Spa the salon was first called Peters Nails, which I discovered about 8 years ago. To be 100% truthful I have not gotten a manicure or pedicure by anyone other than Kim AMAZING during those eight years. She is truly magnificent at what she does and she is an extremely nice lady. I would def. recommend making an appointment with her! I have also been getting my eyebrows done by Julie for the passed 4 years, and have been quite happy with her work. I am extremely particular about my eyebrows, and she has always been completely sensitive to that, and very accommodating to my finicky skin. Yes, sometimes I have to wait a few days to get them exactly how I like them, but I wouldnt trust anybody else to do them! Hmmmm. I looked at the website and saw that the tweeted special was for a mani/pedi for 50 2day only, only a few spots. So I was told the special today was for When questioned about what the website said, I was put on hold so she could verify the price with her manager? Do you really not know what specials are available or being offered? Did not book service. I apologize for the misunderstanding but the twitter update for the 50 mani/pedi offer was on March 31st. Every update has the date and time listed right below. On Saturday April 2nd, Blu Water offered mani/pedi for Again, I apologize for the inconvenience, Ill make sure our receptionists check our twitter and facebook updates daily. Thanks for your feedback! I also had a terrible experience with one of the owners, who did my brows; she talked the whole time about her boyfriend and how hot he was, how much she loved her own brows, eyelashes, etc, how she and I were the same age doesnt she look amazing?. She bragged about her own talent and then when done, said look mrs doubtfire hello much I opened up this brow on the right eye. I said, yes, but it is completely asymmetrical with my left!.

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