My Tutor The actor, by

My Tutor

The actor, by reiterating you, sacrifices a moment of his own life in order to give you a story of yours. Because you are irritated by academic theories, especially the ones by social scientists who write badly. Even the most cursory reading of any one play in Grief Lessons shows up the theorists for what they are. Those theorists, frantically inventing problems and periodizing things and proclaiming the deaths of this and that, are like podgy, pale middle management heart attack survivors pumping away frenetically on Stairmasters in Middle American gyms. Real poets and philosophers are like Ethiopian Olympian Kenenisa Bekele, running for pleasure through a New Zealand national park. Because words aren t for pleasure or so Phaidra says. Then again, she s been starving herself for three days, wailing and planning her suicide, because she has the hots for her prudish and virginal stepson Hippolytos. She wants to have steamy, taboo-addled sex with him in her marital bed while her husband, Theseus, is out of town. She s being tortured by Aphrodite, who s furious that Hippolytos prefers the anti-sex huntress Artemis to her. Different men like different gods, Hippolytos argues, quite reasonably. But try telling that to Aphrodite. Phaidra burns My Tutor love for someone impossible and is pierced with stings of desire. Aphrodite My Tutor no sympathy: And Phaidra? She ll save her honor but die all the same, Maybe Phaidra is wrong that words too beautifully said ruin cities and houses of men. Maybe it s her nurse, who accidentally sells her out, who has it right. Oh stop moralizing, says the Nurse. Because as of this fall, it s out in paperback. Tuesday, 21 June 2011 Thomas is an ethics problem in a black robe. The court said the case was too large. by: Allison Kilkenny, Truthout Report A few weeks before he died, Howard Zinn had lunch at the Warwick Hotel in Manhattan with New York Times columnist Bob Herbert. Their topic of conversation was, of course, social justice. If there is going to be change, real change, Zinn told Herbert, it will have to work its way from the bottom up, from the people themselves. That s how change happens. A year later, the streets of London erupted with citizens who were engaging in Zinn s favorite pastime: active democracy. Students gathered in protest at Parliament Square, but there were also other protests in Oxford, Scotland, Glasgow, Cambridge, Birmingham and Leeds. Across the region, students displayed their frustration with a government that sought to triple tuition fees, effectively pricing young men and women out of their educations. The UK government s message was clear: Sorry, there s not enough money for the My Tutor people.

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