Norbit I purchased a Sony USB


I purchased a Sony USB flash drive at Frys Electronics they are hard to find, Best Buy does not carry Sony USB flash drives and it worked great. Once the BD-Live was working, I got a message that a firmware update was available and it started downloading it which only took a few minutes. You can download photos on the USB drive or burn them on a CD-R and view them in High Def. Resolution is awesome. I found that the USB drive uploads the photos faster than reading them from a CD-R. I highly recommend this unit. Since writting this review, I had a problem with the player. One week after writting this, half way through watching District 9, the screen changed to an all green tint. When I stopped the player and went back to the HOME screen, the screen was green instead of its normal blue and the white icons had turned to rainbow colors. I did troubleshooting using Sony s online chat support. After unplugging the player and restarting, the screen went white with rainbow icons. Sony told me to ship the product to their service center and they would ship me out a new, unused one. A couple Norbit later, I received the new player and Sony included a high speed HDMI cable with this one. So far, the player is working fine. Thanks Sony! After having the other unit replaced using Sony s warranty exchange service, now another problem has occured just 6 months after the first problem. No picture. I turned my Sony BDP-N460 player on and no picture at all. TV screen is Norbit Searching For Signals. I troubleshooted with Sony s Tech service. Now I have to send this one in. Thank goodness for Sony s warranty exchange service. But what a pain this unit is turning out to be. Sony, get it together. My experience with setting up this player was positive. Using the quick start program, I was up and running in minutes. I purchased the recommended bridge see below and was able to install it by following the directions provided. Some extra time was required running back and forth between the computer and the player to set up the Sony and Netflix accounts and entering passwords, etc. , but this was not a difficult process. Picture quality is exceptional, what I expected from a Bluray player. There are a couple of things however, that Sony should do to make this Bluray player an exceptional unit: The wifi apparatus and BD memory requirements should be built into the unit. The primary reasons people want to buy a player like this is to take advantage of video streaming, wifi connectability and BD features available from a Blueray DVD. To have to buy a wireless bridge and external memory seems ridiculous! By complicating the setup process, Sony significantly increases Norbit likelihood of a bad experience from purchasers. Read the reviews Sony! While I did not experience any of the problems that I have read elsewhere, I think I was lucky. Put a disk eject button on the remote. Streamline the sign-up process. Why do users have to sign up at Sony and Netflix? Don t buy this player if you re afraid of techno-setups and don t want to pay extra 100 for the bridge and 12 for a 2G USB drive for required extra equipment. However, if you can set up a computer, you can handle the setup of this player. The payoff is access to an amazing amount of high quality, easily accessed video and superb picure quality. Bottom line: The Blueray is great. Picture quality on a BRAVIA 52 inch and surround sound on a BOSE are incredible! Also the DVD upscaling is fantastic.

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