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However, as it pertains to radioactive materials in particular, Ozonoff says you are still put at risk if they are present, even in quantities below that legal limit. All you need is one cell to go bad, he said, to initiate Purgatory beginning stages of a cancerous event. While potential mutations could take place at any time when radionuclides are consumed, the risks are relatively small. For instance, the EPA estimates a radiogenic cancer risk of slightly less than one in 10, 000 for communities that consume drinking water over a lifetime with enough alpha radiation from uranium to reach the MCL of 30 micrograms. The odds have been calculated to be even lower for alpha derived from Purgatory isotopes. However, Ozonoff warns those risk levels are calculated in isolation from your other daily exposure to all types of carcinogens, with which we regularly come into contact. For example, he points out that water can also have other radioactive elements, and that the risk from those compounds with whatever cancer risk you are already receiving from alpha. While nearly every major city in Texas has no detectable amounts of radiation in their purified water, according to United States Geological Survey officials, the Houston region and surrounding counties are prone to having natural uranium deposits that are near the aquifers that provide well water. Lab reports reveal radiation in Harris County Municipal Utility District 105 s MUD 105 water dates as far back as the early 1980s. MUD 105, a suburban water provider outside the city limits of Houston, did not receive a formal legal violation notice until it exceeded federal limits in 2008 and 200 But MUD 105 did disclose those violations to residents in two annual water-quality reports. However, neighborhood resident Kareen Tolbert thinks both the MUD and regulators had a moral obligation to do more. Screw the fine print, Tolbert said. Something this serious, it should be mandatory that everybody in this district knows whats going on. Attorney Taylor Goodall, who represents the board of directors for MUD 105, says the MUD also began mailing out more detailed warning notices in December of 200 The notices contained language in capital letters saying THIS IS NOT AN EMERGENCY and also telling residents you do not need to use an alternative water supply. I dont think theres a reason to panic, Goodall said. KHOU: Do you think the Average Joe knows theres radiation in the water? GOODALL: Well I cant speak for the Average Joe, but I know that we sent out mailers. Goodall says as soon as the MUD s board was notified of a legal violation, it also began to take steps to limit the flow of water from the most radioactive water well that the utility owns, which he says still remains in limited service during high-demand times. But residents like Felicia Byford and Tolbert, who both have Purgatory children, believe the MUD should have reduced the flow of that well long ago. State tests show the well has always tested above the federal health goal for radioactive alpha and has consistently come close to exceeding the legal limit for alpha, and in more recent years, tested in similar levels for radioactive radium, too. KHOU: Scientists say that this amount of radiation over a number of years, leads to an increased risk of cancer in your community. Does that concern you? GOODALL: Any issue of public health concerns me. But what I m saying is KHOU: You re saying there is no reason to panic. Referring to flier sent out to community residents. GOODALL: There isn t a reason to panic. I am firm in my belief that there isn t a reason to panic.

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