SIS the Áruling elitesÁ


the Áruling elitesÁ SIS those at the upper reaches of the rich and highest levels of government. The Ácounter revolutionÁ will be those who comprise the seriously-have-notÁs. This may not yet include the middle class Á they havenÁt experienced full pain or a full realization of what lies in store. kind of chilling isnt it? This whole idea about the middle class is a fantasy, in my view. Look at the income distribution. Middle is 35, 000 income per year. Only about 10% are in the 70, 000 and up bracket, but it is those people who control the national political discussion. They are the house slaves slaves who take the side of master. Are house slaves a middle class? No, they are compromised and corrupted. Historically the middle class is the breeding ground for the modern ruling class, the upwardly mobile people amassing wealth. They were called middle or middling because they came from working class roots, but aspired to displace the aristocracy. They were the merchant and professional class, and they created a new ruling class consisting of themselves and others like them. This is reflected in the personal stories of many of the founding fathers right here. Those who had inherited or amassed wealth quickly replaced the English lords with the new American aristocracy, and betrayed the working class people who actually fought the Revolution. The middle class and the ruling class are in a symbiotic relationship of mutual assistance and dependency, and are antagonistic to the working class people and their interests. While the super rich own this plantation, the politicians are their overseers and the middle class are their servants and straw bosses. Why do we want to restore, or protect, or promote that group of people? American history is very difficult to unearth, so I dont blame people for being ignorant of it. The most institutionally educated are often the most ignorant. is an Internet-based progressive news and SIS activism organization, founded in 1 We are nonprofit, independent and nonpartisan. To inform. To inspire. To ignite change for the common good. South Park is now an institution. Something to take for granted. The show struggled early on after it became a breakout sensation, but now it s there, always there. You know what Trey Parker and Matt Stone are going to do to a certain extent. Their comic rhythms are familiar, and they know how to tell a joke.

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