Storm Warning Selling you

Storm Warning

Selling you values for some 1080p Storm Warning just seems a bit shortsighted to me. For what its worth, I stopped by both DVDs and BRs after buying a few and getting stuck in preview hell where my family had to literally wait for 20 minutes before we could watch the main movie. Ill be damn if Im going to pay 15 to 40 or more for a disk that Ill watch once on average and have to waste 10 to 20 minutes of my life and have that choice taken away from me. If I pay that sort of money, I expect to get a restriction free copy. Whats next me having to pay the MPAA to tie me to a chair, use an eye speculum and force me to watch the ads as well? Because you feel that Its a losing battle against DRM on movies, should those that are knowledgable about the issue merely sit back and accept it? I completely disagree with your view. Whoa, I did not say this. I said its a losing battle. Fight the fight all you want, but as written, how long do you think the fight will last if the majority simply dont care? Ive written letters to movie companies on my views against the DVD ads and locking of controls, but 6 years later, its worse, not better. I stopped fighting by refusing to buy their products. I certainly dont expect to see others take this approach, as the article clearly indicates. Just because the majority are unaware of the issue is not reason for the rest to be lemmings. The problem is, though, the majority are aware. One cant expect people to not notice they cant skip previews, right? Yet the majority are the ones electing to continue purchasing rather than fight, leaving the few out there to spin their wheels on education. People have bitched about this for years, nothings changed. The news this movie broke sales records is a significant hit against those fighting the fight, wouldnt you agree? I recently rented a movie that had a full 17 minutes worth of ads and nonsense before the movie would start. And not only did the disc disable my FF button, Next Chapter button and my Menu button, but it even disabled the power button and told me I couldnt even turn off my own DVD player. The only way to stop the ads once they started was to pull the plug from the wall. The Storm Warning of these people is astounding. Brand new Samsung BD-C6900 3D Blu-ray player on a brand new Samsung 55 3D LED TV and Im with the other guys. Sure Blu-ray looks slightly better but not enough to really care about it. My wife is all about picture quality and she gave Blu-ray a big meh after watching it, told me she was disappointed it wasnt better. Last I checked my eyes still worked as well. The sound on the other hand is pretty cool. You get some really nice sound on those discs. Not necessarily if youre just downloading the movie that sounds just about right. Usually they rip all of the other BS out of it trailers, extras, FBI warnings it always makes me laugh when they leave the Piracy advertisements in it though. I just downloaded the 1080p mkv version of Avatar it was a little over 10gb in size it plays perfectly on my PS You guys do all know that chapter skip works on all of those previews and everything right? I can even skip the FBI warnings and the Your going to HELL you dirty pirate! warnings with my player. I cant press menu and get right to the menu but at least Im not waiting 20 minutes to get to it. Better than nothing. Thats the way it is, and no need to attack or question anothers opinion on this subject. Granted, in retrospect my comment was slightly more acerbic than necessary. Still, even for the least AV sensitive, I challenge anyone with a tiny HD set replete with crappy speakers to the 2001 BD vs.

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