Sybil The battles Sybil


The battles Sybil fierce and the lesson powerful: learn to appreciate what youve got. While 3-D digital is always nice, most viewers will completely forget that the film is in 3-D after the initial scene, and it will view just as well in the traditional format. Rated PG, but appropriate for most ages 6 and older – Tami Horiuchi One of the top 10 films of the year, SHREK FOREVER AFTER was heralded by audiences and critics around the world as the fitting finale to one of the most entertaining sagas in film history. The franchise s final chapter will debut in DreamWorks Animation s Blu-ray DVD Combo Pack which includes the all-new DONKEY S CHRISTMAS SHREKTACULAR, plus over 2 hours of bonus features such as deleted scenes, secrets of SHREK FOREVER AFTER, a look at Shrek, The Musical, more holiday music, a 12 Days of Christmas pop-up book, interactive games and so much more. A hilarious holiday program that is a perfect holiday treat for the whole family, DONKEY S CHRISTMAS SHREKTACULAR will be available for a limited time only and features all your favorite characters as they perform classic holiday songs with Shrek-ized lyrics, as well as Shrek s Yule Log, featuring over 25 uproarious character appearances in front of a crackling virtual fireplace. In the fourth and last installment of the Shrek franchise, Shrek Mike Myers finds himself becoming tired of his domesticated life when the routines of married life and fatherhood meet with the constant bombardment of fame and somewhat annoying friends. After storming out of his sons first birthday party Shrek runs into Rumplestiltskin Walt Dohrn, who learns of Shreks desires to be the ogre he once was and offers him a magical contract that would allow him to be an true ogre for a day, in exchange for one thing. In that exchange, though, Shrek gets much more than he bargained for. When the first Shrek came out it was a brilliant anti-fairy tale fairy tale. Openly lampooning Disney movies and theme parks, Shrek was a fresh take on the animated fairy Sybil where the main characters didnt live happily ever after as picture perfect prince and princess, but as ogres, typically the scourge of any fairy tale. Since then two other Shrek movies have come out, and rather than embracing the counter culture of the first film, the franchise bought into its own hype and into pop culture and lost the spirit of the original. While not bad films, they were unnecessary and even sapped some of the brilliance of the original. Now with the finale of Shrek in theaters, how does it stand up? More-so than its predecessors Shrek Forever After tries to come back home to more of the feeling of the first film. Even the plot of the film of Shreks desire to go back to being a lone ogre on the outskirts of society seems to echo what the filmmakers were desiring to accomplish in picking a premise that allowed them to nearly replicate some of the situations of the first movie. Thats one of the strengths of the film is that you get to re-meet the characters in a new fashion and in slightly new characterizations than previous which amps up the fun of this film compared to the previous films. Reaching into an alternate universe has allowed the writers, and the actors, to revision the characters adding to the freshness of this installment in the series. Fiona is now a warrior, leading an ogre rebellion against the king. Donkey, while still the over talkative, funny if slightly annoying sidekick hes a little more wary and a bit brighter than he was in Shreks real world. Puss has let himself go, and wont even chase a mouse thats sharing his milk. The real surprise here is Walt Dohrn, a writer/storyboard artist who makes his vocal film debut as the voice of the films baddie, Rumplestiltskin. Everyone does a great job with their vocal work, but Walt and his character steal the show. But for all the good, you cant go home, and Shrek doesnt quite go home either. Compared to the first film this one feels a little tame, sterile. First off, the premise makes this almost seem like a remake of the first film, causing it to loose some of its freshness. On top of that theres a moral that really stands out, which is something I dont recall being aware of while watching the first three Shrek films, even though it was there. All in all, I would highly recommend this film. Easily its the second best of the four Shrek films. Each of the three sequels were unnecessary, but this was definitely a higher note to go out on than the last two films. If they had to go through sequels, Im not sure they could have asked for a better film to go out on. If youve watched the last couple of Shrek films and found yourself to be disappointed give this a try, it doesnt quite capture the magic of the first film but it gets closer than the other sequels. 0 out of 5 stars Is it Finally Done and Ogre with?, May 21, 2010 Shrek Forever After if that is its real title achieves exactly what it wanted to achieve simply by being a fun animated comedy with characters weve come to love. Still, for something so heavily promoted as being the final chapter, Im surprised at how small and ordinary it seemed. Movies like this should end with a bang, emotionally and physically; they should not go from beginning to end on a slow and steady burn. By the end, most will feel as if theyve been entertained. I felt that way. At the same time, some may feel that, in all likelihood, this movie didnt have to be made. I felt that way, too. Perhaps its no longer a good sign that we can be so easily amused by unnecessary films. Are they no stories left to stimulate our imaginations and broaden our horizons at the same time? In this film, Shrek voiced by Mike Myers finds that hes dissatisfied with his new life as a domestic ogre. As a husband and father, he has absolutely no free time. Villagers no longer fear him. He cant take a mud bath without being invaded by swamp tourists. Knowing hes desperate for a change, the disgruntled Rumpelstiltskin voiced by Walt Dohrn offers Shrek a chance live one day as his old ogre self. The catch, as I understand it, is that one day out of his past will be erased from time give a day to get a day, according to Rumpelstiltskin.

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