The Avengers I really wanted to make animation

The Avengers

I really wanted to make animation. However, I didnt think I would have any opportunities. There was a possibility my plans would never see the daylight. I finally completed Totoro thirteen years after the moment I first proposed it. I think it was not so long. During those thirteen years, I kept the idea and matured. For example, when I happened to see a street or an atmospheric sloping road, I thought I would take them to use for certain scenes or for backgrounds. Therefore those thirteen years made Totoro richer than the original idea. One day during that time, the editor of Animage note: Suzuki Toshio visited Miyazaki and proposed him to write a manga for the magazine. Miyazaki started Nausicaa on it. He had no job without it and dedicated his days to it. After a year, Nausicaa became popular on Animage and Suzuki offered to make it into a movie. Miyazaki thought it was his last chance and accepted to be the director. On such day, his mother died after a period of long, long battling illness. He couldnt be present at her death. Nausicaa got a good box office result and achieved universal popularity. Miyazaki was 43 years old then. 14th of August, A BETTER LOOK AT THE ART OF PONYO: In the midst of Miyazaki Hayao s release of Gake no ue no Ponyo , Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea in Japan and its presence at Venice Film Festival being only about two weeks away, it is time to take a better look at The Art of Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea. This another fine edition of Studio Ghibli s The Art book collection has been available starting August 2nd and contains a variety of sketches, storyboards, background information, The Avengers cel reproductions with backgrounds. This must-have for anyone interested in the works of Studio Ghibli can be purchased at a price of 2, 900 Yen at international webstores like 12th of August, GHIBLI ASEMAMIRE 45 WITH OSHII MAMORU: With another episode of Suzuki Toshio s radio talk show Ghibli Asemamire at Tokyo FM having passed, brings another summary as well. As usual, during the week a podcast version will be available for download over here. This week s guest was director Oshii Mamoru. He created an outspoken talk about Ponyo, as having a long friendship with Miya-san The Avengers Suzuki enables him to tell anything he thinks of. That movie doesn t have any theme and structure. It is just the result from Miya-sans delusion. There is no inevitability in the story development. For example, why does Risa take such a risk coming back home from Himawari-no-ie in the storm? After she comes home, she again returns to Himawari-no-ie. She could have stayed with Sosuke. There is no reason in her behavior. Suzuki replied, Maybe it is needed for Ponyo to meet Sosuke again. Oshii disagrees, That is nonsense. Audiences never accept a story that does not show any rationality. Still, every single scene was interesting. The first 10 minutes are amazing.

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