The masque of the red death reading

The masque of the red death reading

Youre by far the exception rather than the rule. Most people dont have a gym either, let alone the kind of extra cash laying around to buy 6 HDTVs, and if they do then they dont really fit in the above argument. I only have one because its all I need, being the only one in the house. But even a cheap 500 LCD isnt a minor purchase to most people, let alone a 400 BD player to go with it. I was wondering, I saw on the Blu-ray website that they can play regular Am I mistaken? True, same with an HD-DVD hardware also yes, and blu-ray players also upscale your old dvds to a higher picture quality. Yes, but only through HDMI, NOT component connections. Just asking Will it at least upscale to 720p over component or do you need HDMI to get any upscale at all? HDMI for any resolution/upscale past 480p. If you use Any DVD and just dupe a copy from netflix it removes the encrytion and then it will upscale over component. Another price war thats going to have to be fought is with DVDs themselves: namely the fact that you can pick up a DVD 2 months after its release for 10-15 bucks. Most of the movies that first came out on BluRay 2 years ago are STILL 30 bucks. This is my plight. I rent from Blockbuster online after Netflix blocked me from watching online movies because I installed their software on more than 4 computers 3 of which did not work due to DRM! So I get a movie in the mail and it gets watched all over the house as everyone has a cheap DVD player. I can put that standard DVD in my upscale DVD player and while its not true HD DVD its good enough. If I was to buy a Blu-thingie I would be locked into watching those movies on the one TV and the rest of the home is effectivly locked out the masque of the red death reading movie rentals. Sony has won the war but were are the price drops? IMHO they do not want price drops right now because the current price is driving PS3 sales! They know if Blu-Ray drops lower than PS3 prices then a good portion of their PS3 sales go away. So once the masque of the red death reading the consumer is at the mercy of Sony trying to force us into buying what we do not. Can anyone tell me why a PS3 is the cheapest Blu-Ray player on the market? After all there is far more in a PS3 than is needed in a standalone Blu-Ray player. So for now Ill enjoy my cheap DVDs on my 45 upscaling DVD player on my 50 DLP and while its not perfect its good enough for me and I suspect most people. So keep those Blu-Ray players expensive. So keep those Blu-Ray discs expensive. After all, nothing gets John-Q Citizen to want to buy something when they have to pay 5-6 times the cost for maybe a 30-50% improvement in quality. I wonder why the average joe is not lining up to buy into Blu-Ray? Because, last I knew, They loose money on the PS They do this so the masque of the red death reading can make it up with software sales. Very true. I think now that Blu-Ray has won the format war, the most important thing is to make Blu-Ray discs as versatile and widespread as DVDs are. Right now theyre primarily being used for movies, but once we start to see Blu-Ray drives being standard on PCs and used as a legitimate storage medium, the companies will have no choice but to drop the prices on the players and discs. Once Blu-Ray technology is commonplace, people will no longer have to pay a premium. Basically, it needs to replace DVDs. Its just getting to that point thats taking BD disks will remain a price to the point at which consumers begin refusing to buy movies in standard DVD any longer.

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