The masque of the red death trailer

The masque of the red death trailer

But with the format war over and Blu-ray Disc victorious, customers no longer face such a buyer s barrier. To the dismay of the Blu-ray Disc industry, acceptance and adoption of the latest in high-definition movie delivery is barely lukewarm. Most expected that the surrender of HD DVD would trigger a surge for Blu-ray Disc, but instead, sales of Blu-ray Disc hardware fell 40 percent from January to February, NPD Group reported. The lull in sales didn t improve much at all, rising only 2 percent from February to March. NPD declined to release specific sales numbers for fear that it would be easy to identify individual retailers, according to a New York Times blog. Actual figures are to be released later this year. Cost is likely a top factor in the slow adoption of Blu-ray Disc, as even the cheapest player is hundreds more than an upscaling DVD machine. In other reasons, consumers may not immediately see the benefits of upgrading to Blu-ray Disc, which mainly provides increased quality of picture and sound. Features such as chapter skip, multiple language tracks and lack of rewinding tape are already present on DVD. When we surveyed consumers late last year, an overwhelming number of them said they werent investing in a new next-generation player because their old DVD player worked well and next-generation players were too expensive, said Ross Rubin, director of industry analysis at NPD. Its clear from retail sales that those consumer sentiments are still holding true. While sales of Blu-ray Disc players may be stagnant, PlayStation 3 consoles are moving at a decent rate. According to the AP, ABI Research estimates that PS3s make up more than 85 percent of Blu-ray players in use this year and that the number of stand-alone players and Blu-ray-equipped PCs wont surpass Sony s console base until 20 This article is over a month old, voting and posting comments is disabled Also despite what others feel I think the competition was good. Now that it is gone and Sony has no fear of competitors they are not slashing prices and not advertising nearly as much so there is little incentive or attention now. They are content to ride it out with little investment. Now that the format war is over it is no longer on the front pages anymore. Because of the lack of improvements other than image and sound no one really thinks about it as much. Are they still offering 5 free movies with the purchase of a player? That was a big reason they were selling also. The biggest problem with price is that if you want to step up to blu ray you really need to upgrade every DVD player in your house or you will only be the masque of the red death trailer to watch the new blu ray movie you bought on one TV. Not everyone is as wealthy as you, and may not have more than one DVD player in their home. no reason to be rated down except by low class snobs, that cant afford things and hate people that do. But this is the forums where peolpe thought HD-DVD was going to win cause it was cheaper, so sorry you broke-ass losers, that i go out and work to buy nice things Other than that it wasnt relevant to the discussion. The fact that he has several Blue-Ray the masque of the red death trailer isnt relevant to why the market isnt taking off. No significant perceived improvement? yep. Less exposure now that the format-war is over? Yep.

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