The perfect storm movie ending

The perfect storm movie ending

I was given an extra movie for my next billing cycle, and a credit for my current month when I reminded them that I could file a dispute with my credit card for the current cycle, as I wasnt receiving the service I paid for. Dont let them placate you with lip service, politely DEMAND what you think is fair and be prepared to cancel the service if they dont provide a solution. They are obligated to provide the service they charged for, and since theres no dollar value set the perfect storm movie ending each individual rental, you are entitled a FULL refund if they cannot provide this service. PLEASE use a Sharpie and writed CRACKED or DAMAGED on the paper sleeve when you send these back, because their warehouse crew could easily ship it to another person. If people start getting discs already marked damaged by other customers, Netflix cant hide from that. Blu-Ray has a hard coating that makes them less flexable, hence more cracking. Its not Netflix problem. Actually, it is a Netflix problem. They are aware that the discs are easily damaged, and they havent pulled them from their site. They should not offer BluRay discs until they can introduce another style of envelope that offers protection for the discs. They are a publicly traded company, and their obligation to their stockholders is more important than the consumer that uses their product/service. January 22nd, 200 The last 6 BluRay movies I received were identically cracked. Annoying, I signed in on Netflix because I wanted to access their BluRay selection. I thought I should contact Netflix to report the problem so the whole library wouldnt be ruined. They dont really encourage relationship with the customer, do they. I was surprised to see on this blog that this issue the perfect storm movie ending been going on for the last 6 months and has not been addressed. Im not too sure what I think about Netflix now. Im sure if some big shot blogger would start making some noise about is suddenly they would start looking for Im an insider, and we are aware of the challenges. BD breakage isnt catastrophic, although all these reports make it sound horrible. I certainly recognize that its a significant negative for the individuals who receive such broken discs, of course. While I havent had the cracking problem, the last 2 discs I Perfect Stranger and The Lake were unplayable. Perfect Stranger had what appeared to be swirling striations of color on the disc. It loaded, but wouldnt play at all. The Lake House had 3 huge scratches and froze constantly. I did as suggested and wrote Damaged! on the sleeve. and pointed out the reasons.

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