The poughkeepsie tapes natalie

The poughkeepsie tapes natalie

By all means, let the mass market embrace compressed drm restricted or not, cheaper digital downloads but give the enthusiasts the option of bringing their version of the latest movie home on a shiny disc. Maybe everything can ultimately be put on our HDD!!! Just wondering what would be the next Gen after bluray? I just got into blus for a couple months and already owning 23 BDs Blurays PQ are awesome, but whats next after this? rumors? 3D? Hologram? 1600p? any Ideas? Check out Maxs insider thread. He is involved or working on the next generation now and gives some insights to what to expect BenQ W5000 DLP Projector, Oppo BDP 83SE Wyred 4 Sound ST500 amp Wyred4Sound Preamp with HT Bypass Denon 4311 used a processor, Gallo Acoustic Reference 5 R L, Ref Center channel, Gallo Diva Surround, Velodyne Ultra 1200 Sub Predicting the next generation media is like predicting the return of the Messiah. Everyone guesses and not one is ever right. However there are some rules of thumb we can not ignore which may hint at our future. First rule of thumb is NOTHING is cheaper than hard pressed media discs. Movies on a stick is possible, but expensive. They are also prone to semi-conductor fatigue, electro and static shock. 30 years after you stopped watching any of your DVDs there is an excellent chance they will still play because it is not stored electronically, nor magnetically. 4K displays Already used by Pixar and such. No matter what the next generation, blu-ray is such a good picture I doubt I will replace my blu-rays. Proud founder of the blu-bloods. Use blu-blood in your signature and become an elite user. To be blu-blooded is commitment to the blu-ray technology. We believe other forms of HD the poughkeepsie tapes natalie are inferior. Our goal is educate, support and propagate blu-ray. First rule of thumb is NOTHING is cheaper than hard pressed media discs. Movies on a stick is possible, but expensive. I just dont know why so many people are fixated on this notion of movies going from optical disc over to flash-based media. While it might seem cool from a gadgety geeky perspective, it is just plain silly from the business minded standpoint of cost. It would be far more expensive to distribute a movie on flash media than a mass replicated disc. Worse yet, flash the poughkeepsie tapes natalie has only so many read-write cycles of life before it starts to degrade. Like data on hard discs, data on flash is volatile. So that makes the notion of someone using the same flash card sneaker network style to shuttle new movies from the store to his hard disc not really so great. Why bother doing that anyway? Just download the movie direct to hard disc and get the thumb drive out the situation. What happens when that hard disc dies? All the data on it is gone. When I get laser rot on an old DVD its pretty cheap to merely replace that one disc. Blu-ray Disc has a long life ahead of it. At least a decade will pass before anything better could even be delivered. Hardly any movies have 4K digital masters. Its not a commonly used standard yet. Consumer-level computing and electronics hardware doesnt have the performance muscle to handle D-cinema quality digital files or 4K movies either. Real time downloads in HD material in Blu-ray quality wont happen for at least another 7 to 10 years if it ever happens at all. American telecommunications companies will do as little as they have to in boosting the speeds of their Internet infrastructure. In the meantime theyre going to start tolling everyone for high bandwidth use. That kind of kills that whole downloads are going to take over prediction. I for one can barely distinguish 1080p from 720p even on large displays, so I really dont see the need for anything above 1080p for home use. Only a very small percentage of people have large rear projection screens, so there might be a tiny market for 1440p or 4k 4kx2k for home use, but no way is it going mainstream. 3D seems to me to be the next logical step. Downloads sound great, but when you have the countries largest ISP limiting users to 250GB, its going to be hard to really sell 1080p over internet. Thats only 5 full BD-50s a month. Besides which theres are still many people stuck with slower internet connections that cant even handle a single 720p stream.

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