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Universal Soldier

For those with more mainstream tastes Universal Soldier a slew of recent theatrical films on Blu-ray, and Warners catches fans up with Harry Potter with more HD Ultimate Editions of the successful franchise. Full Story by Jeff Chabot on June 14, 2011 Comcast and Skype announced a partnership to bring HD video chat through your television. If all goes according to plan, you ll be able to make video and audio calls, send text messages, and talk while watching TV. The Skype software incorporated with Comcast s service will also let you access contact lists and enable Caller ID on your screen. Full Story Cyborger: Woo hoo! Too bad I have sucky Cox cable which doesnt James R. : they should combine with poster or something so you get michael r. : do you have to have Xfinity service? what plan do you Sony will start shipping a new 3D projector for home use next month which produces images almost three times as bright as their current 3D projector. The projector boasts strong 1, 300 lumens output with a dynamic contrast range of Warner Bros. has announced start of production of 3D film Jack the Giant Killer slated for release June 15, 20 Director/Producer Bryan Singer started principle photography of the film in London, which will star Nicholas Hoult X-Men: First Class, Paramount will release a 25th anniversary edition of Top Gun, the 1986 film which won an Oscar for Best Music, Original song and was nominated for three others. Top Gun stars Tom Cruise as an Navy pilot who gets gallery linkfile orderbytitle Criterion has announced new Blu-ray/DVD titles for the month of September. Among them is Robert Altmans 3 Women 1977, the Swedish films My Life as a Dog 1985 and The Phantom Carriage 1920, from French director Claude This week offers up many new Blu-ray titles, but few worth However, if youre a fan of Japanese cinema no, no the shock type, but a more poetical picture Criterion has a little something for Walmarts VUDU service has added seasons of AMCs Mad Mento its library, which will soon include Season 4, that according to Variety. The first three complete seasons of Mad Men can already be purchased in three different resolutions that Suddenlink, the seventh largest cable television service provider in the, is going mobile with Suddenlink2GO online. The service allows internet viewing of content similar to HBO Go and MAX Go at no extra charge although some content has Hulu added Miramax movies to their streaming library this week, Universal Soldier about 15 titles even available for non-paying Hulu users commercials added. For Hulu Plus subscribers, the movies are free of advertising. Swingers and The English Patient, and Scream Comcast has started its expansion of Xfinity in the state of Vermont, where the companys 3-pack of services: Xfinity TV, Xfinity Internet and Xfinity Voice, are now Universal Soldier in some market areas. The first areas to get the Xfinity If you stay at a hotel with HDTV and DirecTV, you might never want to leave your room after the satellite company expands its lineup to include 100 HD channels. The company is also addressing potential hotel room bacteria While the CEA would love for over-the-air television signals to end in favor of viewers having to pay for service, the National Association of Broadcasters is still on the consumers side, arguing that the percentage of homes tuning into For PS One Word Review: Wow! Its finally here. For those whove held out hope for the extended editions of Lord of the Rings series on Blu-ray, Warner Brothers has now put out a fifteen-disc set of the franchise, with each film getting a new mastering. Peter Jacksons triumphant version of the Tolkien books won big at the Oscars seventeen awards in total, including best picture for Return of the King and the box office, and did so for a reason: its great. Watching them again, the films still feel perfect, and though there may be some bad jokes, and perfectionists may wish that more of the books made it on screen or were added to the extended cuts, the sheer scale that Jackson gets to by the final chapter is one of the great achievements of cinema. Yes, the guy who directed Bad Taste had the right stuff. One wonders if hell ever be as good again. Our review of The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy Extended Edition on Blu-ray follows after the jump. Ian McShane has signed on to play Caesar, the leader of the dwarfs in Snow White and the Huntsman. That s easily the coolest sentence I ve written in months. For those keeping track, this is Universal s Snow White project, the one that stars Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron, and Chris Hemsworth.

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