Zenskaros Icing on the cake to


Icing on the cake to zenskaros so long to netflix. You guys punting on my 20/mo over good business decision. Also great timing on pinching consumers for more money! If you make Blue-Ray disks not Very long wait I am willing to pay. I will give you 1-2 months after the price hike before I leave. I hope for your sake, there is a difference. vote with your dollar if you dont like the decision, drop that netflix revenue line. If enough folks dont put up with this nonsense, all the folks saying what a great deal it is will benefit from our steadfastness and they will be rewarded. When/if we ever come back to WELL BE WELCOMED AS HEROES! WITH HONOR! As others have said, for every one of us that cancels over Netflix has to have 20 existing and/or new subs opt in for this and that is to break even. Calling to cancel or threatening to cancel will get you no their customer service folks are powerless to offer you any compensation. JUST CANCEL! I dont buy the story about the increased cost of the Blu-ray disc. Its true they often cost more, but that just means it will take a little longer for Netflix to make their money back on the disc. Once its paid for, all rentals on the disc show an increased profit margin. Bad move by Netflix, especially considering the current economic climate. A year ago, no big deal. Today, every dollar counts. I have to agree with most of the posters in that even with a price difference in blu ray vs. standard, the service does not support it. I have already turned off blu-ray as well. I just hope they dont start charging xbox users extra for that service on top of their already high xbl subscription rates. I have been with Netflix since 1999 yes, one of the originals. I have never, yes not once, received a cracked disc. I have in the past received a few that have been scratched and has some playability issues but cant even remember the last time that griping about a buck a month? Seriously? Skip the Snickers bar in the vending machine at work tomorrow and you have your extra give me a break. With the increase in postage, packaging and everything else that has increased in relation to running a business lately you ought to be glad that a dollar increase is all you zenskaros seeing. If you are that hard up, then stick to watching movies on TNT and TBS until the cost of your cable goes Me, I am more concerned about the 40% my 401k has dropped this year than the buck a month Netflix is increasing in order to provide me with Blu Dont sweat the small stuff people. I think since they lost so much money due to Blu Rays arriving cracked, they are implementing the price hike to make up for it. I called to ask if this extra dollar was to be going toward sturdier mailers which would eliminate the cracked disc problem, they said no. It is, however, going toward buying more copies of titles so the wait times will be reduced. If I pay this extra dollar per month and still only get 3 out of 10 Blu Rays that actually work, Im switching back to Blockbuster. Completely tasteless timing, I may add. Its obvious now more than ever that Netflix cares more about its shareholders than its paying customers. Else, we wouldnt be getting nickel and dimed. Im actually disgusted by this, as DVD prices continue to drop as more people opt for Blu Ray. Charging extra for something that seems inevitable is a blatant opportunity for Netflix to squeeze more money out of its customers.

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