Peggy sue got married nicholas cage

Peggy sue got married nicholas cage

Its only in mid march that hd-dvd was completely gone from most retail. And blu-ray was the clear winner. Add that to the fact that we are both in a slow retail period, during a slow economy. To compare peggy sue got married nicholas cage to month sales now is false. What about march 08 vs march 07? toshibas 900M loss wasnt due solely to the price cut. the loss is based on all expenses whether manufacturing, distribution, sales, etc. heck, GM and Ford bleed red ink all the time and its not because theyre selling cars at a loss. and remember that the PS3 and Xbox360 were still are? sold below actual production cost. The only reason I have a HD DVD player is because I bought one at Wal-Mart for 1 I always wanted a PS3 because it is the only Blu-Ray player you can buy that support Profile 0, but I couldnt afford it. And I was saving up for a PS3, but gas cost has eaten all of that savings. Now that the sales are gone, I am even less motivated to get a PS3 or any Blu-Ray player. It isnt out of the realm of possibilities that Blu-Ray got a Pyhrric victory. It will be some time before the economy rebounds, and it will be even longer before HDTVs are in over 50% of the homes. By then, something better might be out. By then, maybe we can stream movies. Already my internet connection from my cable company is fast enough to stream a HDTV over-the-air show. It cant be much longer until it is fast enough to stream 1080p streams. I think it will be a while before we can stream uncompressed Blu-ray titles. If you say an average Blu-ray disc is 35GB, a peggy sue got married nicholas cage home cable connection is 10mbit, that is 35GB/ 25mb/s ideal 100% speed with no overhead 78 hours to download, too slow to stream. With a 25mbit connection it would still take 09 hours to download a 35GB title, again too slow to stream. Youd have to introduce compression which in my opinion ruins the entire point of enjoying HD content. True, our bandwidth cant support anything near streaming HD feeds but movies dont take up 35GB on the BR. Youll have to subtract all the audio tracks you dont want, all trailers, all extras.

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