Pink floyd the wall we both

Pink floyd the wall

we both smell smoke, and now we urgently try to determine if it is coming from my house or yours. i think this is communication. right now communication is controlled by those who want to continue their free ride. i thank you, sir, for seeing my point. as for myself, i am 69 years old, and i have been a witness to these events. i remember that when i saw the assasination of kennedy and then the warren report, i began to question all of this. i remember the quote by hitler, that whoever is the victor will write the history books and so it appears that someone or something is attempting to assasinate, not sure if this is the correct word, but again, to destroy the poor and the so pink floyd the wall middle class and so, the republican tea bag party keep referring to class warfare because this is what they fear the most. this is a war they can not win. as for me, i do not want to be involved in this war. all i want is for my grandchildren and great grandchildren to grow up in the country that i remember. i remember trumen, and eisenhower. i remember how plentiful jobs were. i can tell you this. that reagonomics, and this new world order and free trade will destroy jobs. have a good day. Clavos, it doesnt bother me that unions give so much to Democrats. But when corporations donate that is a concern. Heres why: They are completely pink floyd the wall animals. Unions are set up to stand up for the working person. They are working class people who have formed solidarity so that the employee-employer relationship is less unequal. Corporations are for-profit businesses that have no interest whatsoever in giving back to society. Their primary purpose is to maximize profits for their stockholders. While unions are supposed to act on behalf of the public interest, corporations have no such goal. They simply exist to earn profits for themselves-the public good doesnt matter. So while Im aware that there may be some corruption in unions as there is always corruption anywhere when human beings are involved, the purpose of the union is to advocate for the people. And that is in line with what, theoretically, our reps in Congress are supposed to do-advocate for us, for we the people.

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